A Vermont Gem – Amee Farm Lodge

Amee Farm Lodge , a beautiful B&B in Pittsfield, Vermont, is nestled in a valley between two mountains. When I first mentioned taking the drive to spend a night to my husband, I had told him it was just a couple of hours drive (like 2) from where we live in CT.  I had looked up Pittsfield on Google maps. Not realizing it, more than one Pittsfield had turned up in the search and I had selected the first on the list: Pittsfield, MA.  Yes, that Pittsfield is only two hours away. The Pittsfield I had booked an overnight stay in was more like three and a half hours drive. The extra time it took us to reach this lovely destination was barely noticed and allowed for us to leave our daily cares behind. Our reservation being over a Sunday night, we took a leisurely drive through the back roads of Vermont. It was a bright, sunny and chilly late fall (felt more like winter) day . The scenery was terrific and we stopped along the way for lunch in a quaint New England town.



We arrived at Amee Farm Lodge as the sun was starting to get lower in the sky. The building, once a small white post and beam farmhouse, had been relocated from the road to the hillside where it was restored and  a large addition with a huge wrap-around front porch reminiscent of The Red Lion Inn in MA was constructed.  We made our way through a banquet sized room that held a long harvest style dining table with seating for 16 looking dwarfed in the space.  This room is so large that it houses an antique truck, a full size regulation pool table, a brick fireplace, a separate wood stove and a few other seating areas.


Making use of geo-thermal energy, Amee Farm Lodge is a “green” B&B.  A long bench with a basket of slippers awaits guests in order that they may slip out of their wet or muddy shoes and ascend to the first floor, aiding in keeping the wood steps and floors in A-1 condition. We were greeted by Simon who  gave us a tour, acquainting us with the breakfast buffet for weekenders and the common sitting area for watching television, reading a book, or getting to know fellow guests. We were able to walk around the lodge freely to check things out with the exception of any guest room door that might be closed.

Our room “Hannah” was on the first floor in the front corner of the property. Numerous windows kept the room light and airy. Hannah seems to be one of the favorite rooms from what we were told.  I also fell head over heels  for “Goodrich”, a beautiful room on the third floor with wooden beams that reminded me of a Swiss chalet and a 2-person stone shower to die for! Actually, the owners had really spared no expense on the showers in the rooms.  All are made from stone with rainfall shower heads and are just striking.


As the sun was setting, the front of Amee Farm Lodge was bathe in golden light and I looked longingly at the row of Adirondack chairs on the enormous front porch. It didn’t take much to imagine all the chairs filled with folks on a summer evening. (Hear the sounds of laughter and conversational  chatter?) I could easily envision a wedding party being photographed there or in any number of the interesting places on property.  How wonderful to be a photographer and have Amee Farm Lodge in your backyard?  Truly though, there is nothing stopping CT photographers (or any photographers for that matter) from staying at this beautiful property with engagement or wedding couples and making use of this property as a destination wedding.  Amee Farm Lodge has 15 beautiful deluxe accommodations but that’s not the end of the story! In my next post, I’ll fill you in on the fantastic event property, Riverside Farm, not even one-half of a mile away.

VT_Amee Farm_Adirondack Chairs_-0715

VT-Riverside Farm_HDR


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